A Brief Introduction

What We Do:

We help various charity endeavors from large to small in different ways. We are here to help assist in making a difference, generate an amazing guest experience, and drive optimal revenue for your foundation. Based on specific details of your event, we can strategize a model and suggest how we can help your foundation succeed to new heights.

We Can Incorporate Farano Fine Art In 2 Platforms:

1. Artist Justyn Farano can paint live at your event which serves an entertainment value and ambience. Your foundation will benefit from increased sales with Farano's presence. His interaction with guests provides product knowledge and guidance about the artwork that is being used in the silent and/ or live auction.

2. We provide Farano Fine Art products into your already existing silent and or live auction. We can handle everything from item display, bid sheets, check out.

Distinct & Fresh:

We provide the “WOW” factor that typical auction companies simply can not produce. Instead of the same boring sports and entertainment items you see all the time, use Farano Fine Art to bring a unique appeal to your silent and/ or live auction.

Excitement & Entertainment:

Having Artist Justyn Farano paint live at your event adds an elegant and classy auro. It is a memorable experience that will leave will leave your guests in awe. This is typically done during the cocktail reception at charity events and galas.

Our Reputation:

Sports Art Illustrated and Artist Justyn Farano have an impeccable reputation in the industry. We have assisted so many different charities and their endeavors over the years. Below are few example videos of Justyn Farano's used in live auctions at their charity galas.

Booking Artist Justyn Farano to Painting Live Event:

Although we know and appreciate that there are many admirable and very worthy causes and organizations in need, we simply can not fulfill all requests. Due to extremely high demand Artist Justyn Farano can only participate in limited events per year.

For booking considerations, opportunities, and fee structure please fill out our inquiry form below.

Item Donation Considerations:

Only 501c3 and non profit organizations will be considered. Please fill out our inquiry form below.

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Artist Justyn Farano painting live at Danny Amendola Charity
A Few Examples of OUR Success with Various Charities:
  • Bruce Arians Foundation

  • Troy Polamalu Foundation

  • Boston Red Sox Foundation

  • David Ortiz Foundation