A Brief Biography

With great honor, Artist Justyn Farano has taken the crown as the “heir to the throne” in the fine art kingdom of sports and entertainment.

Once a painter “of the stars”, Farano has quickly emerged as the painter “to the stars”. Farano’s collector and fan base has fiercely spread. His artwork can be seen in stadiums, athlete's homes, galleries, museums, and the collections of art enthusiasts worldwide. Michael Jordan, Tom Brady, Derek Jeter and Peyton Manning are a few sports icons who personally own Farano’s art.

Farano’s passion for sports and art stems back to an early childhood, playing baseball and drawing sports figures for as long as he could remember. Born in Fort Myers, FL in 1979, Farano began oil painting at the age of 13. He took his passion for sports art to launch the framework for his burgeoning empire. Farano is the Official Artist of The Baseball Hall Of Fame, The Ted Williams Museum, New York Yankees Player Clubhouse, Red Sox Team Store, and Wheels Up Private Charter Airlines. This artistic genius has only shown a glimpse of what is yet to come.

Farano’s art captivates us with his originality, powerful emotion, and graceful brush strokes and while known for his rich vibrant colors and contrast, he is not just your traditional sports artist who paints from a scene. Farano creates a concept and conveys a story within each painting; a combination of realism and fresh inventive backgrounds. His unique style, approach, and meticulous attention to detail is what has made the Farano brand the pinnacle of the industry.

Many of Farano’s original oil paintings and limited editions have already sold out confirming an upward trajectory, forecasting even higher demand for years to come.

Artist Statement

"In each painting, capturing the true essence of my subject is paramount. I focus on creating an intense, highly emotional moment that grasps the viewer. Using different techniques and an innovative perspective I achieve close attention to detail, which has enabled me to develop my unique style. It’s gratifying for me as a realist; to create a powerful portrayal of my subjects that alters one’s view and surpasses my previous works. It is a dream come true doing what I enjoy and love most."

Justyn Farano
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