• Legacy Lives On

    Legacy Lives On

    Athlete: Thurman Munson
    Thurman Munson has been called one of the greatest catchers of the 1970s. His intense attitude, sharp thinking and leadership earned him the role of New York Yankees team captain. The former American League MVP led the Yankees to two World Championships.

  • Number 7

    Number 7

    Athlete: Mickey Mantle
    Mickey Mantle was an iconic baseball player with immense talent, and spent 18 years with the New York Yankees, during which time he swatted 536 homers, won Most Valuable Player three times, and chalked up seven World Series championships.

  • Game Over

    Game Over

    Athlete: Mariano Rivera
    Hands down, Mariano Rivera was the best closer in baseball history. Spending his entire 19-year career with the New York Yankees, he helped tally five World Series championships while becoming the MLB all-time saves leader.

  • Black N' Blue

    Black N' Blue

    Athlete: Jorge Posada
    Jorge Posada was a solid-hitting catcher for the New York Yankees across a 17-year span, helping them earn six World Series appearances and four championships. Posada knocked 275 homers in his career with a respectable .273 average.

  • Second To None

    Second To None

    Athlete: Ryne Sandberg
    "Ryno" was a Chicago Cubs icon and fan favorite, slamming 282 home runs, capturing a MVP award and 9 Gold Gloves over a fabulous 16 year career. Sandberg was formally inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame on July 31, 2005.

  • Fearless


    Athlete: Yogi Berra
    Iconic New York Yankees catcher Yogi Berra was awarded Most Valuable Player three times over his 19-year career, and holds the record for most seasons on a World Series winning team, racking up 10. Ninety percent of Yogi's game was half mental.

  • Why Not Us

    Why Not Us

    Athletes: David Ortiz, Pedro Martinez, Jason Varitek, Curt Schilling, Tim Wakefield, Johnny Damon, Derek Lowe, Dave Roberts & Keith Foulke
    The 2004 Boston Red Sox became the first team in major league history to come back from a three-game postseason deficit in the ALCS, then swept the World Series, capturing their first championship since 1918.

  • Mr. Clutch

    Mr. Clutch

    Athlete: David Ortiz
    David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox may be retired, but Boston will always be his f***ing city. Big Papi was the most clutch hitter in MLB history, ripping 23 walk-off hits in his career. Now you can walk off with this original painting.

  • 617 As One

    617 As One

    Athletes: David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia, Jon Lester, Mike Napoli, Shane Victorino
    After finishing last place in their division the prior season, the 2013 Boston Red Sox led by David Ortiz transformed themselves into champions, capturing the franchise's eighth World Series title overall, and third in ten years.

  • Thanks For The Memories

    Thanks For The Memories

    Athlete: David Ortiz
    This painting of David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox depicts him tipping his cap to fans at Yankee Stadium. This art was originally a gift to Big Papi from the New York Yankees organization as appreciation for his remarkable career.

  • Determination


    Athlete: Dustin Pedroia
    Dustin Pedroia of the Boston Red Sox may have small stature, but he has huge Gold Glove presence in the field and Sliver Slugger power at the plate. Pedey is a former American League MVP, and a feisty, trash-talking gamer who does whatever is necessary to scrape out a win.

  • Unfinished Business

    Unfinished Business

    Athlete: Jason Varitek
    Catcher Jason Varitek of the Boston Red Sox may have had work to do at the time of this painting, but finished his career catching a record four no-hitters while anchoring his team to two World Series championships.